How to properly store my Shawl?

Here we provide you with some tips to preserve the beauty of your Shawl. Gently fold it so that it can be stored horizontally inside the linen sack that is included in the purchase of the Shawl. Do not roll it carelessly. Avoid contact with rain or chemicals. Entrust it to a specialised professional for cleaning.

In what packaging will I receive my Shawl?

Stella’s Shawl in Loro Piana or Baby Cashmere is given to you inside a handmade linen sack, closed with a ribbon of the same color as the Shawl. Inside this case you will also find a “portabene”, a little lucky charm to protect your Shawl and a handcrafted Sicilian olive wood comb to help you keep the fringes beautiful. 

Stella’s Shawl in silk/cotton – bamboo/silk – Merino wool – Merino wool/silk – Mohair/silk is given to you inside a handmade linen bag, closed with a “spillasciallino” (shawl pin) of the same color as the Shawl. You will also receive a recycled plastic comb to help you keep the fringes beautiful. 

Exclusive Packaging:

We ship your Stella’s Shawl inside an Exclusive packaging designed for online purchases. It consists of a recycled paper box closed with one of our precious yarns and the ChiaraIs wax seal. These recycled paper boxes are meant to be stored and reused.

Can I send my order in a Gift Box?

If you wish to send your order as a gift, during the checkout process make sure to select the Gift Box option. The Gift Box consists of the Exclusive Packaging. It is also possible to add to your gift a handwritten greeting card with a personal message.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Yes it is. We do not use plastic bubble wrap, plastic adhesive tape or bags.

How long will it take to receive my Shawl?

Delivery usually takes place within 8 working days from the purchase. Once the order is confirmed we will send you an email with all the shipment details. The products are delivered by courier. Always choose an address where someone is available to collect the package. If you prefer to receive your order at the office or at a reception, please also indicate the name of the contact person.

Is it possible to purchase Stella’s Shawl in store? 

To preserve the authenticity of an entirely handmade product, we have decided to collaborate with a limited number of stores. Find the complete list of the selected stores on our website in the ‘Contact’ section, or directly contact our Customer Service and we will help you find the nearest store selling your Stella’s Shawl. info@chiarais.com

The Stella’s Shawl I like is available at the moment. What can I do?

Select the size, the yarn and the color and we will contact you when the product is back in stock. 

Where can I find the product specific information?

You can find the detailed information you need on the selected Stella’s Shawl page. The details displayed include yarn composition, size correspondence and care instructions. 

On the product page under the”Size” option it is possible to check the Shawl measurements.

Can I customise my Stella’s Shawl?

Make your Stella’s Shawl special. Customise your Shawl by adding hand embroidered initials, a date or a name. A hidden detail that will make you feel like your Stella’s Shawl is an integral part of you.

Personalised Assistance Service:

We want to be helpful at any time. Our Customer Service is always at your disposal to provide you with a personalised assistance service  based on your specific wants and needs. Contact us info@chiarais.com 

Certificate of Authenticity:

Every Stella’s Shawl is unique and created exclusively for you. Each garment has a certificate that guarantees its originality. It is possible to recognize an authentic Stella’s Shawl by the 18K gold plated silver medal with the ChiaraIs logo.

The art of preserving beauty

We make Stella’s Shawls with high-quality yarns and craftsmanship with the desire to create something that is made to last.

We guarantee a repair service for your Stella’s Shawl.  Our Women of Light are at your disposal with their knowledge and passion to take care of your garment directly in our artisanal workshop in Scicli.

We also propose an exclusive treatment for your Stella’s Shawl: an hand washing process with olive and carob tree wood ashes and roses

For further information concerning our exclusive services contact our Customer Service info@chiarais.com 

Do you need help?

Our Client Service is here to assist you and satisfy your requests. Write us your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible info@chiarais.com