Women of Light.
Mysterious, luminous, mystical.

The uniqueness of the Stella Shawl can be recognized in every smallest detail. The 18k gold-plated silver medal with the ChiaraIs logo applied to each Shawl guarantees that each garment has been handmade in our laboratory located in Scicli in full respect of the artisanal and cultural tradition of the Sicilian Shawl.

The medal is the exclusive seal of the Stella Shawl and an identifying symbol of the ChiaraIs brand, the only artisan company in Italy that makes its shawls entirely by hand.

Each Shawl is a unique piece, and like a work of art it bears the signature of the Woman of Light who created it.

Always been in love with life, I believe in the great strength of Women. ChiaraIs is made by women.

Together we managed to combine innovation and tradition, bringing the Stella Shawl from a small town in Sicily to the high fashion boutiques.

Stella’s Shawl and its secrets

Stella’s Shawl Collection embodies many old traditions embellished with handmade decorations created woving together yarns to give life to graceful garments comparable to a work of art.

Traditionally in Sicily peonies have always been depicted on shawls and other everyday garments according to the meaning Ancient Greek gave them. Peonies were considered plants that revitalize, that heal, that protect.

Roses have always been flowers associated with female deities, they were the symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite, the metaphor of her grace and the irresistible power of love. Roses are the symbol of joy, beauty and seduction.