girl’s Shawls

An embrace that accompanies sweet moments of cuddles and the first
outings as a young lady.
Choose a unique shawl, personalized for her, that will make her
feel special on every occasion.
Give her precious moments a touch of elegance and love.

Discover the magic of our customizable shawls, choose the yarn
and color that will make her eyes sparkle, and give her a warm embrace
a sweet caress.

Each Shawl will be packaged and wrapped in a precious linen case
inside a small wooden comb to take care of the fringes.
A small “Shawl clip” of the same yarn will be provided
to help the young lady wear her Shawl with ease
and freedom.

You can also decide to personalize it with an initial, a lucky charm embroidery,
or the name of the Little Woman.

Contact us to create this soft embrace of love.
Phone Number: 329.6053878